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About Us

We are a women-led organization that inspires storytelling, fosters intercultural dialogue, and represents the heights women and gender-expansive people soar. Social media has recently exacerbated many cultural, social, and geographical biases. Our spaces on and offline often lack intergenerational and intercultural dialogue, especially about empowerment. Global Girlhood amplifies the stories of everyday women and gender-expansive people across the globe—increasing representation and challenging biased narratives.


Global Girlhood revolutionizes representation in media, education, and leadership.

Our Journalists gather stories of women and gender-expansive people in their own geographical and/or identity-based communities

Our Connectivity Contributors react across communities through any artistic medium

We publish the J stories and CC reactions on our website and social platforms—encouraging our 10,000+ community members to recognize the vast nature of empowerment and challenge social, cultural, and geographical biases.



Building a community that celebrates us honestly.


Sharing stories in ways that honor and respond to our

multifaceted identities and experiences. 


Welcoming intercultural and intergenerational

stories, community spaces, and leadership. 

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