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- Afghanistan Refugee Fundraiser - 

Global Girlhood allied with GirlUp Wajood and GirlUp HXLS to raise over $700 for Women for Afghan Women in September 2021 after the Taliban overthrew the Afghan government. This militant group has violated women’s rights in the past, and their takeover resulted in thousands of refugees and internally displaced people. 

Women for Afghan Women is a grassroots non-profit organization for women by women, and our donation helped them protect internally displaced women and children in Afghanistan and provide vital housing, immigration legal support, education services, mental health counseling, and more to new Afghan refugees in the US.

- Birth Control Panel - 

- Chalk and Reclaim Pride - 

Witness the stories and solidarity present at Catcalls of NYC and Global Girlhood’s collaboration to celebrate, share, and uplift LGBTQIA2S+ stories. Our communities found new protest buddies at Washington Square Park for the Queer Liberation March to chalk back and reclaim pride!

- Facetime and Friends - 

Amidst the initial uncertainty and isolation of the pandemic, Global Girlhood paired over 80 women to built new friends and mentors to inspire one another!

- Storytelling Workshop - 

Women and gender-expansive people bonded, made connections, and learned to tell their own stories at Global Girlhood’s empowering launch event.

- India COVID Relief Fundraiser - 

When the Indian government found itself unprepared for the second wave of COVID-19 infections in May 2020, Global Girlhood’s community raised 40,515 rupees ($552.16) for the Akshaya Patra Foundation to provide meals, grocery kits, and other relief to low income and marginalized communities.

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