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Parul Yadav

Interview by Swara Patel



We, as women, all come from different cultures and lifestyles, so we’re able to share information and contribute to making a better life for each other. Even though we share similarities in our passion for feminism and our empowerment of women, we each face various experiences and challenges. Parul, a leader, and advocate for women is from India where the society follows a patriarchal system. She expresses the gender inequalities and discrimination present in India and portrays how it is a huge dilemma. From Parul’s childhood, she became interested in the concept of feminism through her studies and constant reading of English literature. That has allowed her to widen her perspective in understanding the importance of uniting womxn in creating a better and more equal world.

Parul demonstrates in an interview how the patriarchal system that is abided in India is the “primary source of all the problems.” From this interview, I became more aware of the presence of the Indian patriarchy and how women lack the same rights and respect as that of the men in that society in which men portray toxic masculinity with a high male-dominant ego. Not only is Parul’s story incredibly interesting, but it is also inspiring because after experiencing this gender inequality in her own country, she began to join nonprofit organizations that focused on encouraging and supporting women. This is remarkable because even though we will always face challenges throughout our lives, it is important to always continue to empower oneself and be in control of one’s life. In this society, if we put our voices and strengths together, we could be united and make a change together.

- Tina Ranjbar


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