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Tejaswini Vasist

Interview by Advika Asthana



Tejaswini is an Indian woman based in Bangalore. She notes herself to be a normal homo sapien with an acquired taste. Being the only child of her parents, she never felt the difference between being a man and a woman due to the equality in her upbringing. However, going into the corporate workplace she realised the differences between being a man and a woman and what impact that has. In her opinion, she enjoys being a woman, as women are great at multitasking and have great strength.

Even though Tejaswini's current area of work doesn't support much of her passion, traveling and teaching, she tries to incorporate them in her life wherever and however she can. As a mother of two, pursuing her higher education and also working, she strongly believes that juggling all these responsibilities is her greatest accomplishment. When asked what was her motivation to get up from bed everyday and be the very best version of herself she can be, she said her children really push her to be more organized and responsible in order to set a correct example for them.

In her professional life, during the starting period she is proud of her hard work, spurred on by when she had to push her limits to earn respect in her workplace from her teammates and colleagues, who were of her age or older. In her own words she says "as women we tend to put everyone else before us, but I think it's good to put yourself first and never to have any regrets."


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